Our Embarrassing Congress

Democrats and Republicans alike, the men and women of the United States Congress should be ashamed of themselves. If you think the Democrats are completely to blame or if you think the Republicans are completely to blame you aren’t paying attention.

For 8 years under President Obama The Republicans tried to block everything he tried to do. That was shameful. So far under President Trump the Democrats are trying to block everything The Trump Administration wants to do. That is shameful. Just go back and look at how many “party line” votes took place under Obama; It’s truly shameful. Unfortunately the trend has continued and will continue under President Trump. There is no way that things like a National Health Care Bill or Generational Tax Overhaul legislation should be a partisan vote. If we had true Presidential leadership in Washington (now and in the past, including but not limited to Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc…) a bill would never get signed by the President that didn’t have at least 1 vote from the minority party. How can a president claim to be the president of all Americans if he signs legislation that only represents roughly 50% of America? Shameful. But I digress about Presidential leadership (or a lack thereof).

What was once a proud governing body comprised of the best America had to offer has become a collection grown-children¬† squabbling about how horrible the other side is. They’ve lost the sense of why they were elected. They weren’t elected to push through partisan agendas (except for the Tea Party), they were elected to craft legislation that aims to make American better.

I don’t like painting with a broad brush, so I won’t. There are, of course, good men and women serving in the United States Congress that are honestly trying to make America a better place to live. They are willing to work across the isle and even have friends that don’t share their particular political opinions. Unfortunately however, those members are few and far between; due to extremely partisan leadership on both sides of the political isle, it has become increasingly hard to be a moderate in Washington. Moderates are being “primaried” by more extreme members of their own party and thanks to an increasingly divided electorate, moderates aren’t far enough “left” or “right”¬†enough to make it to a general election. The further down this path we go, the less likely we’ll ever find our way back to sensible, bipartisan legislation (which happens to be what made America the greatest country in the history of the World).


I just hope there are enough of us moderates who are sick of the partisan bickering and who are willing stand-up to this ugly trend of divided government. It’s time we sent a clear message that ALL Republicans aren’t completely right or completely wrong about EVERYTHING and that ALL Democrats aren’t completely right or completely wrong about EVERYTHING. There is common ground. It’s up to our elected leaders to find it, but it’s up to us to send representatives to Washington who are capable of finding it. It starts with us.

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