Is an idealogical Supreme Court a good thing?

We’re less than a week away from President Trump nominating a new Supreme Court Justice to take the place of Anthony Kennedy, who will be retiring at the end if July. Kennedy has been a moderate swing vote during he tenure on the court which has, for lack of a better term, kept the court honest. President Obama appointed two far left liberals to the court and Donald Trump has already appointed one well-established conservative. Each of those appointments were okay because the new justices were replacing outgoing justices who generally shared their view of how the country and the law is viewed.


This time it’s different. From everything we’re hearing President Trump plans to nominate a conservative ideological Justice to the court to replace a long standing right-leaning moderate. While many will argue that this will not change the balance of the court (because Kennedy generally leaned right), most agree that this will swing the dynamic of the court to the far right for the next 3-4 decades.


Which brings me to my main point: Regardless of your political affiliation, do you really want to see a partisan and ideological Supreme Court? I would argue that we do not. I think the party in the Majority would argue that we do, while the party in the helpless Minority think we should keep relative balance in the court. Sure, Republicans are happy to shift the balance of the court today, but I’d ask them to pause for a moment and imagine the Democrats making these appointments. Wouldn’t they wish the President would appoint jurists who kept the balance of the court relatively nuetral? Of course they would, though many of them wouldn’t admit that today. They’ll recite Obama’s now infamous term that “elections have consequences”, which is true, but it is also potentially damaging when the executive chooses party over country; something Obama and Trump are both guilty of.


In the end, we’re headed down a deeply political divide in this country and the Supreme Court will simply be another pawn in this game of political chess, which in my opinion, will be the undoing of our once great country. The Moderates need a savior because the country needs a savior and it isn’t going to be a 28-year-old Democratic Socialist or a 75-year-old Republican Nationalist.



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